Cyber Synapse Podcast Discussion with Catherine Knibbs

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Our CEO, Rory Innes, was recently invited as a guest on the Cyber Synapse Podcast. Hosted by Catherine Knibbs, a doctoral cyber trauma researcher and psychotherapist, The Cyber Synapse podcast addresses a range of issues around cyber security and the trauma experienced by cyber victims.

In the podcast, Rory and Catherine discuss why The Cyber Helpline was set up, how it works, some of the challenges around cyber crime victim support and how individuals and businesses can think through their own cyber security. You can listen to the podcast here or watch the video of the podcast recording below.

This podcast was the second in a series, the first being a discussion on cyber crime with Jeri, a cybercrime analyst at the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. In the first episode, Jeri and Cath discuss cyber crime, how reporting to the police works and what happens after a cyber crime is reported.

The podcast was also recorded as a YouTube video and you can watch it here.