How we help

All of our services are free and we promise to speak to you in plain English. We help any individual in the UK aged 13 or over and we also support sole traders.

“Thank you! Your advice was invaluable, truly helpful and accurate to an incredible level.” Online harassment victim, November 2018.

1. Chat to our chatbot

The first step is to start a chat with our chatbot. Use the open chat window on the right of this page (or the bottom if you are on a mobile). Our chatbot will ask you some questions and get you to summarise your issue. Once the chatbot has enough information it will do some thinking and then match your issue to a known type of cyber attack. Don’t worry, our chatbot will not use any technical jargon and you can describe your issue in plain English. Note our chatbot is still learning, but it will do its best!

2. Follow our online guidance

Once you are happy that the chatbot has got it right it will link you to an online guide. This is a step by step guide which provides advice and instructions on how to recover from the cyber security attack you have experienced.

3. Speak to one of our volunteers

If our chatbot can’t diagnose your issue then it will ask you for your contact details so one of our Helpline Responders can get in touch. Our Helpline Responders are volunteer cyber security experts who will work with you to diagnose your issue and give you advice on next steps. You always have the opportunity to speak to one of our experts. If the chatbot doesn’t connect you, use the chatbot window that pops up on the guide page it sends you to to be put in touch. All of our Responders are thoroughly background checked and trained.

4. Donate

If you are happy with how we have helped you then we would really appreciate it if you could donate. We run 100% on donations and by donating you will keep us up and running.