No place for The Cyber Helpline on NCSC Accelerator Programme

We have just found out that we have not been progressed to the final stage of the National Cyber Security Centre accelerator selection process after making it to the semi-final stage.

Over 180 organisations applied to take the 10 places on the programme, and we made it to the semi-final stage (an estimated 40 or so organisations reached the semis) - something we can be proud of.

While negative news for The Cyber Helpline team, we come off the back of our busiest month in terms of cases and also of people applying to volunteer. We have good momentum that we will need to meet the huge gap in cyber crime victim support in the UK.

Our focus remains to ensure everyone in the United Kingdom has immediate access to free, expert help if they experience a cyber crime and we will keep working to find government support for our initiative.