Our New Cyberstalking Action Plan Goes Live

Today we are releasing our new Cyberstalking Action Plan. We deal with a wide range of cyber security issues at The Cyber Helpline, but cyberstalking is the most common issue that makes it through our chatbot and hits our expert volunteers.

Cyberstalking cases are complex and we highly recommend enlisting the help from a stalking charity, the police and a cyber security expert like The Cyber Helpline. This allows those experiencing cyberstalking to get expert support on stalking, as well as working to regain their security, privacy and confidence online.

The Cyberstalking Action Plan is the result of our team receiving formal training on stalking, taking advice from professional stalking case workers and our experience in working a number of live cases. The action plan has also been reviewed by stalking experts.

The action plan is a step-by-step guide to tackle the problem of being cyberstalked, how victims can get the help they need and a process they can work through to manage their online environment. This is the process our Helpline Responders (our expert volunteers) use when working with victims of cyberstalking or domestic abuse who need to regain privacy and security online.

If you are experiencing cyberstalking you can use our chatbot to set up a case and get expert help. Alternatively, you can work through our Cyberstalking Action Plan here.