We’ve launched the world’s first cyber crime fighting chatbot!

The Cyber Helpline Chatbot

The Cyber Helpline Chatbot

We have build the world’s first cyber crime fighting chatbot! The chatbot is now the front door to our services and has the ability to identify a victim’s issue and provide immediate support.

Why a chatbot?

Cyber crime is a huge issue with millions being impacted every year. It has been clear to us as we have grown that we will not be able to deal with that demand with our volunteers alone. We decided that adding a chatbot to our service that can provide an immediate service to victims 24/7 and can pass cases that needs expert support onto our volunteers was the best approach.

How the chatbot works

The chatbot will become the front door for accessing our services and will be available 24 hours a day all year round.

It takes a plain English description of a cyber breach during an online chat, matches it to a known attack type, talks the user through the issue and provides immediate support to help the victim contain and recover.

If the user needs more help it connects the victim with one of our Helpline Responders who provide telephone and email support. A huge step forward in making sure victims of cyber crime get the help they need, when they need it.

Our chatbot is alive and chatting! Visit our Get Help page to give it a try.