Volunteer Profile: Charlotte Hooper

Charlotte approached us about a potential work placement linked to her degree course as she was keen to gain as much experience in the cyber crime and cyber security world as possible. Since joining the team Charlotte completed her training in advance of her placement and has become one of our key Helpline Responders and volunteers.

Tell us about yourself

I’m Charlotte from Essex and I’m currently at university studying BSc Policing and Criminal Justice whilst working in the beauty industry (random combination I know). The laws and legislation surrounding cybercrime and the policing of online content and law enforcements use of online content in criminal investigations are my main interests.

Why did you decide to join The Cyber Helpline?

I came across The Cyber Helpline when in search of a placement for one of my university modules and something relevant to the career path I intend to go down in the future, but I am passionate about the cause and do not intend for my volunteering to be something short-term. I feel that there is little help out there for victims of cybercrime to recover from attacks and protect themselves from potential future attacks. I wanted to be able to assist in making information more easily accessible to those who may not hold the knowledge to defend themselves and prevent a cyber attack.

What is your role at The Cyber Helpline?

I volunteer as a Helpline Responder which involves getting in touch with people who have used the chatbot to get advice, but need human support too. I’m continuously working on creating guides for securing accounts and devices as well as researching the laws relevant to different types of cybercrime.

What do you like about volunteering with us?

I love that, through volunteering with The Cyber Helpline, I can help people going through a difficult time who might otherwise not have access to the support they require and would not know what to do next. Having someone familiar with their issue who can work through the process of reporting, recovering and defending themselves from future attacks with them - at a pace that works for them - can make a massive difference to the issue they’re experiencing. I’m an avid learner and my role continuously provides me with new challenges and opportunities to broaden my knowledge and skills in many areas volunteering with The Cyber Helpline slots in great with my life, working whilst studying can be hectic but I’ve easily been able to fit in cases alongside everything.

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