The Cyber Helpline

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We help anyone in the UK
with cyber security issues for free

We help individuals like you. Chat to our chatbot and get immediate advice on how to deal with your cyber security issue. If our chatbot thinks you need more help it will pass you onto one of our volunteer cyber security experts. We strongly advise victims of cyber crime to report the crime immediately to Action Fraud here or in Scotland to Police Scotland here.


What we can help with

Our chatbot and team of volunteer cyber security experts will talk in language that you understand and are able to advise you in all cyber security scenarios. In particular we specialise in:

Who we help

If you are in the UK, are 13 years or older and are experiencing an issue with your own online accounts or devices then we can help.

We can also help sole traders who are experiencing online security issues with their business accounts or technology.

Our service is for individuals only, we do not provide support to businesses. If your business is experiencing a cyber security issue you can read our guide here.

Thank you! Your advice was invaluable, truly helpful and accurate to an incredible level.
— Jo, London